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 » Shotgun and Jaybird - From the sleepy towns of the Atlantic coast to the rowdy bars of Yukon hotels, this Canadian group has cultivated a national following with their earnest and formative songs. Now, after years of opening spots, the band is finally stepping into their own spotlight.
[05.04.2006 by Matt Elliott]


 » Kuroda - Going away to a journalism school located a day's travel from anywhere is not without its perks, one of which is the discovery of Kuroda, a band that has its sights focused, grooves established and ambition intact.
[11.10.2005 by Matt Elliott]


 » Final Fantasy's Owen Pallett - LAS staff writer Matt Elliott delivers a lengthy interview with one of Canada's most creative musicians, touching on the recording process, Joanna Newsom, Canadian music, politics and a litany of other topics.
[04.29.2005 by Matt Elliott]


 » Al-Mujaha - EXCLUSIVE: "We just want to bridge the world with the Iraqi people, and bridge the Iraqi people with the world, politically, socially and culturally," says Jarrar of his ambitions for Al-Muajaha.
[02.26.2004 by Matt Elliott]