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 » ChthoniC - "We want to fight for our right in any kind of way." An interview with Freddy Lim, vocalist for Taiwan's brutal doom and gloom answer to Rage Against The Machine, a troupe of metalheads devoted to the fight for a sovereign island state independent from the People's Republic of China.
[10.25.2007 by David Chiu]


 » Johnny Cash: The Biography - Because he was such an iconic figure as the chronicler of the human condition, Johnny Cash's fans believe his stoic and chiseled likeness is the only thing missing on Mount Rushmore. It is a point well made in the introduction of a new 320-page hardcover book by Michael Streissguth.
[08.25.2006 by David Chiu]
»Johnny Cash: The Biography
Michael Streissguth
Da Capo Press