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 » Minus the Bear: LIVE - Last Friday was Cinco de Mayo and to celebreate LAS staff writer Dan Williams caught a distinctly non-Polish and certainly un-Mexican lineup live at Warsaw in Brooklyn and filed this field report on the event.
[05.08.2006 by Dan Williams]


 » White Pigeons - This new book/album from Chris Leo is an interesting combination of music and literature. A work of fiction accompanied by an album, Chris Leo was in the Lapse and the Van Pelt, and now is in a group called Vague Angels. He's also Ted Leo's brother. This is his first book.
[05.08.2006 by Dan Williams]


 » Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music? - At any given time it is possible to feel squeamish, confused, and fascinated by this documentary film. It's discomforting, raw, sincere, and unfiltered, and delivered with such conviction and passion as to be captivating, even if it is crazy.
[01.27.2006 by Dan Williams]


 » RESFEST 2005 - LAS staff writer Dan Williams makes his second annual pilgrimage to the New York kickoff of RESFEST, the international digital film festival now in it's ninth year of merging cutting-edge technology with avant-garde filmmaking to create a dazzling display of imagery and information.
[10.04.2005 by Dan Williams]


 » The Marijuanalogues - Arj Barker, Doug Benson, and Tony Camin are veterans of stand up comedy who have decided to take the noble path of writing and performing a 90-minute tribute to marijuana in all its glory.
[03.01.2005 by Dan Williams]


 » RESFEST 2004 - Operating just below the mainstream cultural radar for eight years, RESFEST has become something of an annual film geek gathering point with aims to incite creativity and progress in the digital film community. Dan Williams checks out the festival's 8th kickoff in New York.
[09.13.2004 by Dan Williams]


 » Directors Label DVD - From Palm Pictures comes an amazing idea, one that's been a long time coming. Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze are, arguably, two of the most innovative music video directors ever. At the very least, they are the reigning kings of the format.
[10.01.2003 by Dan Williams]
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