» Full Dark, No Stars - Stephen King's new novella questions mankind's ability to trust others.
[02.21.2011 by Bridget Doyle]


 » The Top 30 Albums of 2010 - Fashionably, fabulously late, our favorite music (and believe me, there was a LOT) of 2010, the year that some have called the best year for music ever. And only some of those fools work here. Plenty of usual suspects, lots of ties and a few surprises that I won't spoil, including our unexpected #1.
[12.24.2010 by The LAS Staff]


 » Live: Surfer Blood/The Drums at Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL - Remember when Weezer used to put together records that you could sing along to and rock out to? That's what Surfer Blood's show was like!
[11.04.2010 by Cory Tendering]

Music Reviews

Screaming Females - Castle Talk
»Screaming Females
Castle Talk
Don Giovanni
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - The Social Network [Original Soundtrack]
»Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
The Social Network [Original Soundtrack]
The Null Corporation
Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest
Halcyon Digest
No Age - Everything in Between
»No Age
Everything in Between
Sub Pop
Robyn - Body Talk Pt. 1/ Body Talk Pt. 2
Body Talk Pt. 1/ Body Talk Pt. 2
The Walkmen - Lisbon
»The Walkmen
Fat Possum
» Concluding that America "must immediately cease foreign intervention operations," NYU's Center on Law and Security has published the results of an extensive study that back up the US government's own Accountability Office report that "the United States' foreign policy is the major root cause behind anti-American sentiments among Muslim populations." RELATED: Interventionism's Realistic Future: Hard-core foreign policy realists (the kind who say this country should rarely intervene again, anywhere) are hoping that in the wake of our comeuppance in Iraq things will be going their way. SEE ALSO: Archival video of a rather hilarious 1969 "debate" between William F. Buckley and Noam Chomsky on the course of American interventionism. [02.20.2008 02:41 pm]

» A bit of Onion hilarity: "Nation Of Andorra Not In Africa, Shocked U.S. State Dept. Reports." and a bit more, even more outlandish (and certainly not safe for work), is this[02.20.2008 02:30 pm]

» Today is the day that the fine un-feathered folks over at Ghostly International release their hotcakes Matthew Dear exclusive track with the bros over at RCRD LBL. The site is one of those ad-revenue type deals, but the cut is super-duper exclusive - "We're not even linking direct on our site," explains Ghostly honcho Danny Scales - so you'll have to work your finger for a few mouse clicks, but then again it's exclusive and free, so quit yr whining. Check "Don't Go This Way", and when you're done with that you might want to start toweling off your wetted lips, as the forthcoming "Don't You Evah" maxi-single thing from indie heartthrobs Spoon isn't out until April. Why do we bring that up? It's called a segue, broham, and in this case it works flawlessly because, along with their cover and the original version of the title cut by The Natural History, there's also a new cut called "All I Got Is Me," along with remixes from DJ Amaze, Alan Astor, the "mad decent" Diplo, our pal Ted Leo, and the aforementioned Matthew Dear. [02.20.2008 01:52 pm]

» According to the US military's former chief prosecutor for Guantanamo military commissions, the trials of detainees have been rigged from the start. MORE: Can there be justice in Guantanamo Bay? SEE ALSO: Justice at Guantanamo, and the Bush administration's attempts to curtail it. RELATED: Although the military has repeatedly stated the contrary, a group of New Jersey college students has found evidence suggesting that nearly all of the detainee interrogations at Guantanamo were taped. FLASHBACK: Underwear Diplomacy, on the purported smuggling of undergarments into Gitmo - "Speedogate" as the bloggers dubbed it. [02.20.2008 12:14 pm]

» Like ESPN columnist Bill Simmons, LAS senior staff writer Josh Zanger loves him some Friday Night Lights. But apparently the show is pretty much getting dumped like some weird Mennonite chick once she's put out by NBC, which has all sorts of people in a funk. Zanger's suggestion is to sign a petition to help try and save the show, and it might not hurt to include a receipt for your GE direct-current drilling motor with your signature. SEE ALSO: How to go on if the Lights go out. GROUPIES NOTE: Friday Night Lights hunky monkey Taylor Kitsch, along with the Black Eyed Peas' Will.i.am, are scheduled to join Hugh Jackman in the next X-Men-related flick, Wolverine[02.20.2008 12:01 pm]

» John McCain is sounding a lot like George Bush, which goes a long way to explaining his losing message. But the Senator from Arizona turned vote-beggar formerly known as the "maverick" has been scraping to pick up right-wing support since Mitt Romney's shocking withdrawal earlier this month, and his posturing as "The Manchurian Conservative" has made some headway towards closing the conservative secession in the Republican party. ACCURATE PREDICTION: Faith, Certainty and the Presidency of George W. Bush: In October of 2004, just weeks before the Bush-Kerry election, "Bruce Bartlett, a domestic policy adviser to Ronald Reagan and a treasury official for the first President Bush, [said] that 'if Bush wins, there will be a civil war in the Republican Party'." BONUS: Why is John McCain running against Robert A. Taft[02.20.2008 11:08 am]

» Even though the guy he purportedly ripped off says he didn't, the Obama campaign has spent the past few days fielding questions about the Clinton camp's accusations that Barack's a plagiarist. That media whirlwind is quickly dying down, however, as not even Republicans buy it. SEE ALSO: Does Any Candidate Not Plagiarize? SEE ALSO: Obama the president versus Obama the phenomenon. [02.20.2008 07:24 am]

» Allena Ward, the South Carolina wife, middle school teacher and - surprise! - preacher's daughter caught sexing up several teenage boys last year has been sentenced to six years in prison. RELATED: Says bow-tied conservative commentator Tucker Carlson, "As a parent, I'd feel a lot better knowing that every boy in the class was sleeping with his teacher and not my daughter." SEE ALSO: Odd bedfellows? Ron Paul, Tucker Carlson & a brothel owner. [02.20.2008 03:10 am]

» Stoners are rolling out of their hammocks at the first glimpses of Seth Rogan's newest film, Pineapple Express, with James Franko. Stoney Maroney's going to have to wait for a bit though, as the film's not due out until August. Bummer, dude. In the meantime you can check a trailer[02.20.2008 02:00 am]



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