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The Walkmen - Lisbon
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May 12, 2010
The former New York Underground Film Festival debuted as Migrating Forms in 2009. This is their second year around (we also wrote about NYUFF in the past) and they've got a full program at Anthology Film Archives in New York, starting on Friday and running until the 23rd.

Those inclined can watch a video trailer of a slithering snake by Leslie Thornton. Medai freaks can subscribe to Migrating Forms announcements or join the Migrating Forms Facebook Group or follow @migratingforms on Twitter. The non-iPad toting, ROFLers of the city can simply go to the festival. Tickets are available online or at the Anthology Film Archives box office, availability pending. It might be best to call ahead to see if passes are still available. If you miss out on the opening night don't fret, the festival runs until the 23rd.

Along with purchasing tickets, film fans can also support Migrating Forms via donation. This option comes in handy for those living outside of New York who can't make it in person. A while back Lara Longo wrote about the groundswell funding mechanism of Kickstarter, and it seems to have caught on like the name implies. Migrating Forms has their own program, and they're offering a couple of different levels of support for which things are being given in return.

Ten dollars gets you a Migrating Forms totebag. Those Williamsburg hipsters will mos def want to grab one of these before heading down to Whole Paycheck. Pony up $25 and get a free ticket to any screening; double that and get two free tickets to any screening. Go all out with a $100 donation and you can whole-hog it with an all access pass to the festival, including free admission to all screenings. If you'd like to get in on the action or simply spread the word, you can pass around the link http://bit.ly/MF2010KICKSTARTER.

If you're wondering why the festival is selling tickets and taking donations, it is because expenses never cease. Putting on a festival incurs a plethora of charges, which festival organizers enumerate as "filmmaker travel, print rentals, artists' fees, equipment rental, professional dubbing, shipping costs, brochure printing, theater rental, insurance, [and] advertisements." But of course it doesn't stop there. As they put it, "the list goes on."

As for the actual on-screen action, there are a host of opportunities over the next week, starting tonight with the US premiere of Kevin Jerome Everson's Erie, which "consists of a series of single take shots in and around communities near Lake Erie. The scenes relate to a Black migration in the USA, contemporary conditions, folks concentrating on the task at hand, theater and famous art objects," according to the filmmaker. Another highlight is In Comparison, an hour-long film directed by Harun Farocki, who we mentioned in our feature on the exhibition For the Use of Those Who See.

Some of the films read like tantalizing mysteries: Trans Trans is reportedly about Transformers, and we're hoping its about transsexual Transformers. Of course there is bound to be plenty of stupid shit too. Case in point is director Leslie Thornton, who decided to name her 8-minute film ((((( ))))). How clever! The full schedule is below.

Friday, May 14
Erie (81 minutes, USA 2010) directed by Kevin Jerome Everson.

Saturday, May 15
2:00pm: Group Program 1
Soy Mi Madre (29 minutes, Ireland/Mexico 2009) directed by Phil Collins (no, not that Phil Collins).
Populus Tremula (9 minutes, USA 2010) directed by Benj Gerdes & Jennifer Hayashida.
Belfast Trio (9 minutes, UK 2009) directed by Redmond Entwistle.
In The Air (22 minutes, USA 2009) directed by Liza Johnson.

3:45pm: Group Program 2
Gathering (5 minutes, USA 2009) directed by Robert Todd.
54 Days This Winter 36 Days This Spring for 18 Minutes (16 minutes, USA 2009) directed by Dani Leventhal.
Golden Hour (16 minutes, USA 2009) directed by Robert Todd.
Into The Unknown (20 minutes, Lithuania/UK 2009) directed by Deimantas Narkevicius.
If There Be Thorns (13 minutes, USA 2009) directed by Michael Robinson.

5:45pm: New work by Jean-Marie Straub
Le Genou D'Artemide (26 minutes, France 2008), Itinériare De Jean Bricard (40 minutes, France 2008), and Le Streghe, Femmes Entre Elles (21 minutes, France 2009).

7:45pm: Group Program 3
My Way 1 (10 minutes, USA 2009) directed by Amie Siegel.
My Way 2 (13 minutes, USA 2009) directed by Amie Siegel.
Kari & Knut (11 minutes, Norway 2010) directed by Lars Laumann.
After School Special (20 minutes, Canada/UK 2009) directed by Corin Sworn.
[sic] (15 minutes, France/Japan 2009) directed by Eric Baudelaire.

9:45pm: Soziale Plastik I programmed by Brian McCarthy
David Cronenberg's Stereo (65 minutes,Canada 1969). This film "inaugurates this series, to be continued at ISSUE Project Room in the fall, on Joseph Beuys and video abstraction. Cronenberg's film will be screened with work by Leslie Thornton, Stom Sogo, and Ben Russell."

Sunday, May 16
2:30pm: Group Program 4
Wolfs Froth / Amongst Other Things (15 minutes, UK 2009) directed by Paul Abbott.
The Task of the Translator (10 minutes, USA 2010) directed by Lynne Sachs.
To the horse dream of arms (5 minutes, USA 2010) directed by Stephanie Barber.
Prim Limit (32 minutes, USA 2009) directed by eteam.
Trans Trans (Transformers Transformed) (12 minutes, USA 2009) directed by Bradley Eros & Tim Geraghy.

Journey to the Moon (79 minutes, Turkey 2009) directed by Kutluð Atamam.

Petition (124 minutes, China 2009) directed by Zhao Liang.

9:00pm: Group Program 5
Ape of Nature (22 minutes, USA 2010) directed by Peggy Ahwesh.
Kept Alive (23 minutes, Israel 2010) directed by Nira Pereg.
My Necropolis (32 minutes, France/USA 2009) directed by Moyra Davey.
Bethlehem (8 minutes, USA 2009) directed by Peggy Ahwesh.

Monday, May 17
Made in Hollywood (56 minutes, USA 1990) directed by Bruce & Norman Yonemoto.

The Golden Mean (61 min, USA 2009) directed by Andrew Lampert and Saul Levine.

Tuesday, May 18
Vapor Trail (Clark) (264 minutes, the Philippines/USA 2010) directed by John Gianvito.

Wednesday, May 19
In Comparison (61 minutes, Germany 2009) directed by Harun Farocki.

NDP Exchange Program, programmed by Matt Keegan & James Richards.

The t.A.T.u. Project (56 minutes, Russia/Sweden 2009) directed by Jesper Nordahl.

Thursday, May 20
Butterflies Have No Memories (58 minutes, The Philippines 2010) directed by Lav Diaz.

As Long As There's Breath (57 minutes Nepal/USA 2009) directed by Stephanie Spray.

9:45pm: Jean-Pierre Gorin retrospective part 1 of 3
My Crasy Life (95 minutes, France/USA 1992) directed by Jean-Pierre Gorin.

Friday, May 21
7:00pm: Jean-Pierre Gorin retrospective part 2 of 3
Routine Pleasures (France/USA 1986) directed by Jean-Pierre Gorin.

9:00pm: Ed Ruscha: 16mm films
A rare East Coast presentation of the seminal American artist's only film works.

10:30pm:Tube Time!
Teams led by Triple Canopy's Sam Frank, Rhizome's Ceci Moss, dump.fm's Ryder Ripps and filmmaker Jessie Stead present their most overboard online finds of the year, week or moment for this annual, tournament-style screening.

Saturday, May 22
2:00pm: Group Program 6
I Know Where I'm Going! (29 minutes, USA 2009) directed by Ben Rivers.
Minor (24 minutes, China/USA 2010) directed by Patty Chang.

3:30pm: Group Program 7
Whispering Pines #9 (10 minutes, USA 2009) directed by Shana Moulton
Hard Feelings (5 minutes, USA 2010) directed by Richard Bott.
Kegel (10 minutes, Switzerland 2008) directed by Shahryar Nashat.
Whose Toes (33 minutes, Canada 2010) directed by Barry Doupé.
Cities of Gold and Mirrors (9 minutes, France 2009) directed by Cyprien Gaillard.

5:15pm: Kerry Tribe retrospective

Poto and Cabengo (77 minutes, France/USA 1976) directed by Jean-Pierre Gorin.

9:45pm: Group Program 8
I hate…what? (16 minutes, Czech Republic 2009) directed by Mark Ther.
Gay Acting Class (9 minutes, USA 2009) directed by Alexandro Segade.
For Sale, Cougar (14 minutes, USA 2009) directed by Asher Hartman.
Homegrown (1 minute, USA 2009) directed by Nina Schwanse & Matthew Savitsky.
All That Sheltering Emptiness (7 minutes, USA 2009) directed by Gina Carducci & Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore.
Fantasy Suite (7 minutes, USA 2009) directed by Kent Lambert.
Puppy (2 minutes, USA 2009) directed by Matthew Savitsky.
Charming for the Revolution (11 minutes, USA 2009) directed by Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz.
k-a-t-e-(s) (11 minutes, USA 2010) directed by Nina Schwanse.

Sunday, May 23
2:00pm: Group Program 9
Thalé (5 minutes, Canada 2009) directed by Barry Doupé.
Journals and Remarks (15 minutes, USA 2009) directed by David Gatten.
((((( ))))) (8 minutes, USA 2010) directed by Leslie Thornton.
The High Trail (7 minutes, USA 2010) directed by Lucien Castaing-Taylor.
Three Short Films on Hawks and Men (14 minutes, UK 2009) directed by Ruth Maclennan.
Film For Invisible Ink, case no.142: Abbreviation for the Dead of Winter [diminished by 1,794] (13 minutes, USA 2008) directed by David Gatten.
The Varieties of Experience (8 minutes, USA 2009) directed by Mungo Thomson.

3:45pm: Group Program 10
Podwórka (30 minutes, Poland/USA 2009) directed by Sharon Lockhart
Loneliness in West Germany (16min., Ireland, 2009) directed by Declan Clarke
Monuments (30 minutes, UK/USA 2009) directed by Redmond Entwistle.

Port of Memory (63 minutes, Palestine 2009) directed by Kamal Aljafari.

A Grammar for Listening (Parts 1-3) (56 minutes, UK 2009) directed by Luke Fowler[tickets]

8:30pm: Three recent videos by Stanya Kahn,
Sandra (31 minutes, USA 2009)
Kathy (40 minutes, USA 2009)
It's Cool, I'm Good (35 minutes, USA 2010)

SEE ALSO: www.migratingforms.org
SEE ALSO: www.anthologyfilmarchives.org

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